Market Challenges
Identifying sources of value: In contract to other media, the mobile is a purely opt-in format. Consumers must choose to be marketed to and competition is fierce for this highly prized real estate. Unlike the Web, there are a limited number of applications and/or services that consumers will permit on their mobile.

Consumer adoption: The mobile is seen as a very personal device and so barriers to entry remain high. A mobile application or service must be perceived to be truly compelling for a consumer to agree to have it on their handset. As well as the value proposition, consumers will insist on ease of use and low network operator costs before concluding that the application is of value and agreeing to use it.
The mobile technology landscape is complex: There are numerous handsets with different operating systems and communications capabilities (SMS, MMS, GPRS, 3G, Java, WAP and Bluetooth). In addition, mobile operators insist on deploying their own proprietary settings to handsets for accessing their network. Given this complex landscape, you will need to choose the right combination of technologies to deliver the optimum customer experience.
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