Our expertise has enables compelling mobile applications to be downloaded around the world everyday.

Exciting & engaging
We understand the complex mobile environment and have spent years creating unique services that deliver the optimum mobile experience. Our solutions have been launched with major brands and events such as Wimbledon and the LTA, Sony Ericsson and Nokia, Premiership football and mobile banking.

Simple & secure
Our solutions have been deployed throughout the world, in industries ranging from construction, to gaming, from financial services to sport.
Mi-Pay We are partnering with Mi-Pay, who provide enable mobile payments and pre-pay top-up services, to create a branded experience and to reduce their cost of SMS messages.
PLAY2WIN We provide the underlying technology and service for a ground breaking interactive mobile game played in real time during live events under the PLAY2WIN brand. This is being used during live premiership football.
Nokia We developed some of the first downloadable Java games that were marketed through the Nokia gaming portal.

Did you know...
Mobile payments $2.4bn in 2004 (Ovum)

European mobile payments will reach $55bn by 2006 (W2Forum)

By 2006, 16+ will make 20 payments a month via mobile (Gartner)

W-Eu mobile content to reach $18bn by 2009 (Analysys)

w/w mobile entertainment $59bn by 2009 (Juniper)

Music, games and personalisation worth $22bn by 2010 (Informa)

...potential for the market to grow by hundreds of percent cumulatively over the next six years. (Alex Zadvorny, Senior Consultant, Analysis)